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Dries quickly

Less wrinkling : It’s more resistant to wrinkles than cotton. This is great for anyone who dreads ironing.

Less wrinkling

Nonbreathing: Polyester doesn’t let your skin breathe like cotton. For instance, if you wear a polyester shirt in the summer, you might find yourself pretty sweaty. That being said, there are many performance wear polyester products specifically engineered to wick sweat away from your body, but it really only works if the Tamaris Women’s 25242 Ankle Boots Brown Taupe Nubuc 369 74oPo
is skin tight. If you buy a low-quality product, you’ll notice a weird after smell.


This is the best of both worlds. Developers take the best qualities of both and weave them together to make one heck of a fabric. This stuff is great for apparel and home decor.

This is the best of both worlds.

Quilters will still tell you to stick to 100% cotton and they have good reasons to say that. It’s easy to use, it’s predictable, and it shrinks at the same rate.

I say experiment with as much fabric as you can and see what you like best. It’s all about the individual sewist and how you like to sew.

What about the environment?

This can make or break it for some people. Many people prefer cotton because it is a plant-based product and is “sustainable”. Now, take a look at the two photos below.

Pretty similar, right? The first image is a cotton factory and the second image is a polyester factory. Either way, both fabrics are created in power-sucking factories. Both go through multiple chemical processes to make the final product and both products will be shipped around the globe. Even when you consider that polyester can be made from recycled plastic bottles, check out the huge process it goes through.

Now, consider all of the chemicals pumped into the atmosphere and all of the energy used to power the plants. Before you start hating polyester, just know cotton has a dirty side, too. Cotton farming uses the most pesticides of any crop in the world. Every time it rains or the plant decomposes, chemicals leak into the ground water and surrounding water sources. Cotton takes a ton of land to grow and that land has to be watered a lot! Then, it all needs to be harvested using motorized farming equipment. Unless those tractors run on solar power, they aren’t great for the environment.

Cotton farming uses the most pesticides of any crop in the world.

Do you want to really be eco-friendly? Up-cycleand sew every scrap. Use your sewing skills to fix your clothing and home goods instead of buying new.

You could also start your own organic cotton fields. You could hand pick and process the cotton, then weave your own fabric . I guess that would be the most eco-friendly.

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RTRY WomenS Boots Spring Fall Winter Platform Comfort Novelty Patent Leather Leatherette Wedding Office amp;Amp; Career Dress Casual Party amp;Amp; Evening US4 / EU36 / UK3 Big Kids qM0jsSQSET

by Franz Kafka

for Miss Felice B.

It was a Sunday morning at the most beautiful time in spring. George Benderman, a young merchant, was sitting in his private room on the first floor of one of the low, poorly constructed houses extending in a long row along the river, almost indistinguishable from each other except for their height and colour. He had just finished a letter to a friend from his youth who was now abroad, had sealed in a playful and desultory manner, and then was looking, elbows propped on the writing table, out of the window at the river, the bridge, and the hills on the other shore with their delicate greenery.

He was thinking about how this friend, dissatisfied with his progress at home, had actually run off to Russia some years before. Now he ran a business in St. Petersburg, which had gotten off to a very good start but which for a long time now had appeared to be faltering, as his friend complained on his increasingly rare visits. So he was wearing himself out working to no purpose in a foreign land. The exotic full beard only poorly concealed the face George had known so well since his childhood years, and the yellowish colour of his skin seemed to indicate a developing sickness. As he explained it, he had no real connection to the colony of his countrymen in the place and also hardly any social interaction with local families and so was resigning himself to being a permanent bachelor.

What should one write to such a man, who had obviously gone off course, a man one could feel sorry for but could not help. Should one perhaps advise him to come back home again, shift his life back here, take up again all the old friendly relationships—there was certainly nothing to prevent that—and in addition rely on the help of friends? But that amounted to the same thing as saying to him—and the more gently one said it, the more wounding it would also be—that his previous attempts had been unsuccessful, that he should finally give them up, that he must come back and allow everyone to gape at him as an eternal returned prodigal, that only his friends understood anything, and that he would be an overage child, who should simply obey his successful friends who had stayed home. And then was it certain that all the misery one would have to put him through had a point? Perhaps it would not even succeed in bringing him back home at all—he said himself that he no longer understood conditions in his homeland—so then he would remain in his foreign country in spite of everything, embittered by the advice and a little more estranged from his friends.

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