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See also Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership Protocol for Working with Unco-operative and Hard to Engage Families .


Uncooperative families are those who will deliberately choose not to engage and/or co-operate with professionals and who will often display one or more of a wide range of unco-operative behaviours towards professionals. From time to time all agencies will come into contact with families whose co-operation is difficult, including those whose compliance is apparent rather than genuine, or who are more obviously reluctant, resistant or sometimes angry or hostile to their approaches. In extreme cases, professionals can experience intimidation, abuse, threats of violence and actual violence.

The child's welfare should remain paramount at all times and where professionals are too scared to confront the family, they must consider what life is like for a child in the family.

All agencies should support their staff by:

Certain circumstances for some families mean that they too can be difficult to engage with, for example migration (internal and external due to refugee/asylum seeking processes), culture and language. However for the majority of these families there is not a deliberate act which stops or hinders engagement and they would be classed at “hard to reach” families. This document does not cover families who are classed as “hard to reach” although it should be recognised that such families can too be unco-operative or dis-engaging and if such behaviours as outlined by this document are displayed then professionals should respond accordingly.

There are many types of unco-operativeness, including:

There are a variety of reasons why some families may be unco-operative with professionals, including the fact that they:

A range of social, cultural and psychological factors influence the behaviour of parents. The more uncooperative the family, the more likely it is that the main influences are psychological.

In general a parent will try to regain control over their lives, but they may be overwhelmed by pain, depression, anxiety and guilt resulting from the earlier losses in their lives. Paradoxically, the unco-operativeness may be the moment at which the person opens up their feelings, albeit negative ones, at the prospect of help. They are unlikely to be aware of this process going on.

Accurate information and a clear understanding of what is happening to a child within their family and community are vital to any assessment. The usual and most effective way to achieve this is by engaging parents and children in the process of assessment, reaching a shared view of what needs to change and what support is needed, and jointly planning the next steps.

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